What is this site?

All Streaming is from the makers of our successful website Progstreaming. It’s a blog on which we promote new and old releases that have legal streaming elsewhere:

  1. All Streaming gathers all streaming available from other sources and embeds them onto our site, on a separate page each.  
  2. Pages on All Streaming never go away, not unless the actual streaming on those other sources disappear. After each year, they will be added to our ‘previous-years’-section.
  3. All Streaming is thereby an excellent overview of the most important releases per year.

For which genre is this site?

Good question! Not an easy answer though. We kinda go all over the board, and add every album we think serious music addicts might appreciate. Our other sites (Progstreaming, Progstreaming Extended and Classical Streaming) are more defined in their borders, this one though goes all the way. When added, we look especially for releases from labels we trust, and if they're older they must have statue of some kind. With some major exceptions, we don't do throw-away pop music, and we also try to avoid commonly accepted bad albums by artists. We do however love our guilty pleasures. Actually, we think there's no such thing as a 'guilty pleasure'. Music is either good, or it isn't!
The purpose of All Streaming is to urge visitors to delve into our rich history of popular music. Good music has never gone away. If All Streaming proves one thing, it's that each and every year has got stunning classics and unexpected gems, worthy to be listened to, a hundred years from now.

So why are you doing this?

Most importantly because we’re a big fans ourselves, and we want to urge newcomers and old fans alike to keep in touch with what’s out there, while also investigating old stuff and maybe be surprised into liking something they thought they didn't. Plus – while we hold physical products like CDs and LPs still in high regard – we just love streaming. Isn’t it amazing that even obscure albums, in the old days just a rumor, legend or high-paid-for important item, are now just a mouse click away? We constantly urge our listeners to go out on a hunting trip, go on safari, and explore the gems that are out there for you to discover.

So how should I use it?

Just delve into our site, and click the albums you would like to investigate. For actual listening to full albums in some cases you need to download a program (Spotify for example) or have a real account. Apple Music offers in our opinion the best way to listen to 30sec. clips. Bandcamp and YouTube (many full-album streams on YouTube by the way) are free and will play right along. Finally Deezer has a very good free version, which is browser-based. For using that, go to Deezer.com and log in through Facebook (don’t worry, no costs) and then go back to this site and click on the player. If you don’t do that, you’ll get 30sec. clips just like Apple Music.

Can you just do this?

Yeah. Although it all looks very impressive – if we say so ourselves – basically it’s all just links, and links are allowed. Even the artwork, while permitted through fair use, is downgraded in quality, although we have taken great care to find the best artwork-pictures available. Of course the really good thing is, if you click a Spotify-, Deezer- or Apple Music-player, the bands get paid. Of course, if you buy a CD and/or Vinyl, all hail to you the more. So we just can’t imagine anyone not liking our site.

What’s more that I should know?

First you should really, and I mean REALLY, click some of the Amazon-buttons. While compiling this site I was amazed how many albums are still or again available on LP, sometimes new, sometimes second hand. And not at all expensive.
Secondly, we like to point out our other sites too, which are Progstreaming, Progstreaming Extended, Progstreaming Access and Classical Streaming. You can find them easily through our menu. 

Any other thoughts?

Like any website, we love good promotion. If you just would like to give a Facebook-‘like’ to the ones you do, or Tweet about it, that’s much appreciated. If you miss a certain album on our site, that’s of course possible. Albums that we might have missed out, send us a e-mail at progstreaming@gmail.com and we’ll consider adding it. If you have a GREAT idea what to add to our site, please use the same link.
So, there’s our concept. We hope you will enjoy. We wish you many excellent discoveries!